RPCV Life, or, What Do You DO All Day??

December 4, 2012 at 10:07 am 1 comment

Somehow, people think that being unemployed means sleeping late and doing nothing all day. Sleeping late, yes. Doing nothing, no!!

Part of the issue is that on the island there were very few ways to entertain myself. Sometimes I literally read a book alllll dayyyyy longgggg, taking breaks only to eat and haul water. Some days I bounced from neighbor to neighbor, watching them cook, taste-testing their food, and entertaining their children.

What I’m trying to get at with this explanation is the following:

Think of how many things you do every day. Or how many places you go. Or how stressed out you get just with the general thought of getting from place to place… much less actually doing the things you’re doing at those places. But then if you’re not all stressed out, and can easily get to and from all of the events on your calendar in a calm and relaxed manner, you think you’re not doing enough (don’t deny it, you know it’s true).

So part of my readjustment is realizing that going to three different stores in one day is not necessarily “busy,” even though my brain thinks it is. After seven weeks, I’m making progress, but I’m still not there.

So without further ado, here is what I really DO all day:

I try to get up around 8 because otherwise I feel really lazy and guilty. I drink coffee and dink around on the internet. I make eggs, eat them, and finish dinking around on the internet. I take time doing my makeup, just because I can. (I was SO low-maintenance for two years that I’m reveling in the sheer possibility of being high-maintenance.) Then I clean the kitchen. After dinner we tend to just pile up dirty dishes and such, and I take care of all of that in the morning.

Sometimes I hang out at home for the rest of the morning, usually at my computer. But it’s actually not all dinking around on the internet!! I did an application to be a substitute teacher, so now I’m watching all those great videos like Blood Borne Pathogens that I haven’t seen since college and have to watch before orientation. I’ve also started working on a powerpoint to give presentations in classrooms, thereby fulfilling Peace Corps Goal 3: bring the host country’s culture back to the USA. I’m also still setting up random things on my new laptop, and I’ve spent various half-hour increments arguing with AppleCare representatives.

At least once or twice a week I eat lunch with Ed and Indira, with whom I will be traveling India with in February. Lunch is usually a 3-hour event.

Early afternoon I go to the gym, spend between 30 and 90 minutes working out, a few minutes in the tanning booth, and a few minutes in the massage chair if there’s a line for the tanning booth. Altogether the gym takes up 1-2 hours of my day. This has become a major mental health booster for me. It’s basically keeping me sane. It’s also keeping me from gaining the RPCV-20 (which I liken to the “Freshman 15”).

While I’m out at the gym, which is in the general business section of town, I do any shopping that needs to be done. Also sometimes I go to Target because I just love Target, and I try not to buy anything because I have no income.

On Fridays, scrap most of the above, and I volunteer-babysit two little boys whose family Indira has been involved with and helping. She just kind of passed the project to me.

When Mom gets home I hang out with her. While Mom teaches lessons, I read books or make friendship bracelets. At night I read books or watch YouTube, or maybe watch TV if Mom’s watching something good. At least one night a week I hang out with my RPCV friend Karen.

Weekends are reserved for friends. Mostly Stephanie A. 😀

Also both my mom and my sister will be receiving homemade Christmas gifts, which I obviously will not discuss here, but are time-consuming.

In the past couple weeks I have also put up the Christmas lights and gotten fingerprinted for being a substitute.

I realize that going through my entire day is sort of a boring blog post, but I felt the need to prove that unemployment and readjustment does not mean that I do nothing all day!! See! I do stuff!!


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  • 1. Jeff Buchert  |  December 5, 2012 at 6:39 am

    Sounds great, Pal!….Love, Dad


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